Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An awesome tool I bought on etsy...

And if you own an etsy shop I totally recommend it.

While hanging out on craftcult looking at my new views (a new feature that I totally love) I saw and ad that caught my eye. It was an add for spreadsheets to help me keep track of my etsy business. Now, I have seen plenty of these before I hadn't been impressed yet. But, I clicked on the add to check it out and I am so glad that I did!

A browse through the seller's page told me that I had finally found something that might actually work that I didn't have to make myself. There were a whole bunch of tools that I could use, in and out of etsy. Some were a little pricey, but after using them, they are worth every penny. I deliberated for a week to make sure that it was something I would really use, constantly clicking on the could items I was considering purchasing. I finally bit the bullet, bought, and couldn't be happier.

The seller was awesome to work with, accommodating and friendly, and helped me personalize it to better fit what I needed. Below are some screen shots from some of the products from the shop. You can view the whole shop here.

These are from the jewelry double pack, which is a business management program and a raw materials program. There are tons of others which will work for craft fairs, non jewelry sellers, helping with taxes, profit and loss, and even a gift card tracker. I highly recommend everything this seller has to offer! MissSideburns - you have totally made my day!

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  1. Thanks Lauren! It's been a pleasure to work with you. Marc :)