Friday, June 5, 2009

May Giveaway winners!

Ok, sorry it's been awhile everyone! I have a day job now and it's totally killing my etsy time.

Here are the winners of the May giveaway! Congrats!

1) Audrey - Sun/Sky Lanyard = Blue Lagoon Lanyard

2) Carapace - Coppery Green Wire Doodle = Amazon River Snake Wire Doodle (currently inactive while I retake the pictures)

3) Woolies - Amber and Purple Lanyard = Honey and Lilac Lanyard

Thanks so much to everyone who enter! I will be contacting the winners to get the info to send you the gift certificate. And because this giveaway was subjuctive, everyone else who entered will receive 10% off their purchase in my shop. I have to give you guys credit for trying to help me out! Thanks so much everyone! There will be another giveaway later this month and I'll give all the details when it starts!

For those of you that did win - this weekend I will be re-editing the listings so that your new name shows up and credit to you will be given in the item description.

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