Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some sad news....

I know I promised pictures of the little kitties, however they are sick and I haven't been able to go over there.

One of them died today. The little calico, that I named Princess, because she was loud and very needy, was the one to go. I talked to my sister in law and she said the other two aren't looking too good either.

With two cats of my own, i don't want to go over and bring home something that my kitties might get.

These poor little things are only about a week old. The two black twins (I named them Sherlock and Mr. Watson because even with their eyes closed they are trying to investigate everything around them) aren't looking too well she told me. One is really cold and they are looking too thin. I hope for their sake that they pull through because they all are really cute.

I went over earlier this week and they are so tiny that one whole kitty could curl up and fit snugly in one of my palms. They are only about 6" long from tip of nose to tip of tail.

If you pray, please keep these little bits of wonderful in your prayers. If you don't pray, then please just think good thoughts for them.

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