Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear so and so... week 1

I saw this on whimical creations blog and I think that is it just fantastic so I am going to give it a try.

So here goes Dear so and so week 1!

Dear Mother Nature,
I'm ready for the snow be done with. Please send me some sunshine.
Thanks, Lauren

Dear Dr. Valente (one of the Dr.'s at work),
Please stop hovering over the appointment book. you do not have magical powers that will make patients appear in your column when you stare at the book!
Leave me alone, Lauren

Dear mom,
I had a great weekend last week. I love you and miss you!
Love lauren

Dear "the husband"
I bought laundry baskets for a reason. please use them for their intended purpose, not to play jail with the cat.
love "the wife"

Dear "the dog",
i love you but do not love it when you swing your giant hammer paw at me when I come in the door.
love, mommy.

Well that was fun! I think i'm good for the week. I could keep going but I think that's enough for a trial run.

If you would like to try this feel free to grab the widget for you blog here

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