Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Local Currency in Detroit!

I saw this on the news this evening and I thought that it was really cool.


Some local business in the Detroit have come up with a way to keep money local by printing their own currency. They took the idea from the Great Depression. The money is only good at participating locations, but I think it's awesome that the community is banding together to help each other and the residents out. I think this is a great way to remind us that shopping local is VERY important in tough economic times and that we need to stick together. I think it's also a great way to get people out to know their community and who's in it. I hope that other areas start doing this. If I weren't moving I would totally participate and go to those places that offer this. Most of them are local bars and clubs, which is where most of my money goes anyway when i'm not spending it on beads. I hope Boston starts up something like this.

Thanks so these people for taking some initiative and some responsibility to those places that you live. Awesome!


  1. Lauren we're neighbors, howdy! I like this idea, its cool to think that businesses could be helping each other simply by using their own currency. Local is a great way to shop. hope you have a chance to visit my Green Leaf Reviewer blog, I talk about that topic often. Great blog, I'm following you now!

  2. Wait I'm confused now, are you in Boston or MI? lol regardless, great to meet you haha

  3. i'm in michigan right now but i'm moving to boston because i lost my job out here.