Thursday, April 16, 2009

I now live in Massachusetts

Today is my first day in the state of Massachusetts! My best friend and I spent 14 hours driving from Michigan to here with a dog and two cats in the car. My Maine Coon cat (aptly named Sasquatch by my husband) we had to drug, twice, to make sure she survived the drived. She still freaked out a couple of times and cried for most of the trip, she even molted some of her fur. I felt really bad about that. We had to stop every two hours to let my huge yellow lab go to the bathroom. The only quiet one was my little calico cat. She only meowed when she wanted a little attention and then would roll over and go right back to sleep.

Today my moving truck comes, so that I can now unpack everything I just fnished packing two days ago. I'm waiting for them to come out with teleportation so that I can just teleport all my items over instead of packing and unpacking everything.

My inlaws finished their ginormous basement off for us to use as our apartment, which is really nice of them. I don't know how long we are going to be staying so I told my husband that I'm only unpacking what we need. Depending on how lone we stay we can unpack things as we go. But I'm not unpacking everything just to repack a bunch of crap we didn't use. And if we don't end up using it after awhile we should really question whether or not we even need the stuff. And that's after gave away over $2000 worth of stuff to a local charity. $800 of which was in clothes that I had never used, but were really really nice.

So, with any hope, I'll be able to keep my shop up soon. My best friend is a photo major and might start taking all my pics for me and helping me list so that I can just concentrate on actually making the stuff. I would split the profit with her, which I would happily do out of just the convenience of not having to take pictures. I would rather spend my time creating.

Anyway, look for more updates soon. One day I will actually start a cool routine with my posting so that it's more helpful for everyone who reads. But sometimes life is crazy!


  1. Oh goodness, did your Coon cat survive the trip?We downsized two years ago and I'm still going through boxes. Unfortunately we haven't even opened the mini-storage yet...more to do, more to give away, burn, whatever! And I'm sure I have a lot of treasures there, too! Good luck in your new home!!

  2. Glad to hear you all made it safe & sound, including the cat. Welcome to my home state! What part are you in (Boston, Worcester, Western)? I'm all the way east (Boston area) and its finally spring so it was a great time to travel here. Hope it works out fantastic for you all! :-)

  3. Thanks for all the well wishes! This is my home state as well and it's nice to be back. I currently live in lunenburg, which is closer to the worcester area. But I am frequently in the boston area. I'm looking forward to spending some nice summer time on the beach!

  4. Oh sure, I know of the area you're in, grew up near the coast though so not as familiar with it (in Arlington now, about 15 minutes northwest of Boston). Enjoy the beach this summer, maybe I'll see you there as its one of my favorite spots on the planet!