Monday, May 4, 2009

I love having employees!

I would like to congratulate my best friend Joie on being my brand new photographer!

The one thing I hate the most, is taking pictures of my items. This in only because I SUCK at it. All I can do is white backgrounds, white to me, are very boring. They work, but don't show the item in it's intended context at all.

So, thanks to my wonderful friend, I no longer have this job. My only job is to list and to create, which are the things I like doing the most anyway.

The best part is, that now we have the means to save for our vacation - together. She and I have a wonderful road trip planned from here in Massachusetts all the way to Vancouver, Canada in my fantastic 1975 Dodge Dart Sport (Hang Ten Special Edition). Our favorite show, Supernatural, is filmed there. And, because we are HUGE dorks, we are going to travel there in the fall. With an old car, and two weeks worth of traveling planned, we need to save - fast. So what a way to work together to do it!

So, now you can look forward to more things hitting my shop faster, with better pictures, and no price increases.

I'm so excited!!! BTW - if you haven't seen Supernatural and you are looking for some wonderful eye candy to enjoy, you should totally tune in. Thursdays on the CW at 9 pm. Be there or be square (God I'm old!)

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