Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Graduation time is here!

I just realized that it's time for graduation!

What better gift to give a graduate (besides money and we all now what college kids spend money on......) then a new bookmark or lanyard?

Lanyards make great gifts to put the new college ID in. The ones that I had in college were the crappy cloth ones that looked like thick shoelaces. Not very attractive. Having one that sparkles is a sure way to engage conversation with new people. As a newbie in college, it's frightening to be around so many people that you don't know (been there, done that), so make it a little easier on yourself with something that will get compliments and that little boost that every new student needs.

Then there are the books. The endless amount of books that every college student has to buy. If you have to read them and carry them around with you, you might as well make them pleasing to look at. And, when youget bored in class it will give you something pretty to play with while you pretend to listen to the professor drone on about something that you don't care about. You are only in that class for the credits anyway.

Or, for that teacher that you love so much, shower them with a great gift you know they will use. The lanyards can be used for their ID badges and their room keys. And they have their own set of books they have to carry.

If you would like something personalized, just ask!

(Ok, sorry for the cheesy promo ploy, but I had to get it out there. I'm not so good at being a sales person yet)


  1. I think that’s a great idea. I always give a book to the people I know that are graduating. And one of your bookmarks would add that special extra something.

  2. good Idea, I need to find something for my boys's teachers!