Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Line of Bookmarks coming soon!!!

I am pleased to say that in just a few days a new line of bookmarks will be coming to my shop!

I think I'm going to call them book pendants but I haven't decided yet. If you have any input on it let me know. Below are few pictures of some of the ones that have been completed but not listed yet. I'm trying to work up a few more of them before I start listing.

I bought some really large pendants because they were really on sale and I just couldn't pass them up. But, they were just too big to be on book thongs. So What I decided to do was create a new type of book thong. These ones have extra long ribbons so that the pendant can hang farther down on the book. Beads decorate the bottom of the ribbons.

(Above - Glass spiral with yellow background and silver foil spots. Attached to white ribbon with yellow foil beads and pewter spiral charms)

(Below - antique silver charm with resin flower inlay. Attached to sheer cream ribbon with maroon glass pearls and antique silver bead caps at the bottom)

(Left - Gaint silver seahorse, about 4 inches tall, attached to a peach ribbon with wire wrapped natural fresh water pearls)

(Right - Giant silver heart about 3 inches across, attached to a teal ribbon with glass cut beads, silver bead caps and teal seed beads at the end)


  1. Those are so pretty! The only reason I have never bought a bookmark like that is because my cats would find it and have a field day. I buy some laminated ones, and in no time, when I lay my book down, next thing I know they have the bookmark and are chewing the ribbons and they are all full of cat spit and I have to remove the ribbon and throw it away. Those are some really pretty bookmarks.


  2. My mom's cats do the same thing! She has to hide stuff with ribbons because they eat them. Mine are pretty good about not doing that with ribbon, but they find embroidery thread fascinating. My fat one also likes to lick plastic bags for some strange reason.