Wednesday, May 20, 2009

VintageCarolina: You are a wonderful person...

... even if you decide not to purchase anything from my shop.

VintageCarolina decided that she is new to Etsy and needed to shop to gain feedback, and she kindly decided to buy from those who are out of work. I think that this is an absolutely wonderful thing to do!

There was only one surly person in the thread, but he got shot down real soon -

bruce22 says:
I appreciate your generosity, but you've just opened up the door to more sob stories than any human should have to endure.

I suggest you just go browse around and find something you like and buy it, I can guarantee you that whomever is the recipient of your sale needs it and will appreciate it.

This point is moot. It doesn't matter if they are sob stories, or whether or not people are lying. The point is that VC decided that she had some extra to go around and that she is generous enough to share it.

So, kudos to you VintageCarolina! I would love a sale from you, but even if I don't get one, I think that you are wonderful for what you are doing and I hope that someday the universe repays you for your generosity.


  1. Oh, Bruce. Although I see his point, I also think that what she is doing is extremely nice. She has almost 200 comments! I hope she doesn't feel obligated to buy too much.

  2. I think it was nice, too. Bruce could take a cue and use his sockpuppet account to actually buy something for his "wife".


  3. OOhh, I didn't know PussDaddy had a blog, I'll snag that.
    Bruce.... He's seems to be a good enough guy but he doesn't hold back and tells it as he sees it.
    Kudos to her though! That is very generous and sweet :)